Sunday, 11 September 2011


Cold is the night

On this a moon lit night.


Condensation on windows

No sleep this night

As aching bones

And bronchial disease

The need instead

Survive the night.


Damp are the clothes

Soiled of days

Discarded the many

Once neatly packed

Change of clothing, plus one towel

My cleanliness, is brief

As a mud soaked floor

And a shower of 50pence

Deprives me of all status

As Homeless, here you can find.


Days of cold and rain

Frequent of these British Isles

No place to dry

As the nights become longer

The urgency is apparent

Need to survive.



Viewed with suspicion

No friends in sight

Stench of damp clothing

This is my plight.


Black are the clouds

Of another rain filled sky

Black is the depression

That now soaks my eyes.


Gaze upon a moon lit night

From the comfort of your home

Think not of the homeless

Brothers and sisters

Cold is the night

They must endure the plight.

Stale bread and water

My diet of the night

Is this life?

You have status

Remember, so too

Once, had ‘I’.


Preobrazhenskii ©2011

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