Tuesday, 28 February 2012



Remember the Autumn?


My Kirra was able to camouflage beautifully.

This photo was taken with my o2 xda exec, an oldie cellphone with a 1.3mp camera – but a large screen (such is the eyesight of aged, and the need for larger, rather than compact cellphones.

Here is a image of a o2 xda exec, note the swivel screen, still a great phone with a host of features including playing stereo music from built in music.  It may be antique (like me) but its still going strong.


I love how Kirra is able to blend in with the autumn leaves, I just wish she would not bring them back with her – on her tail.  She seems to sweep them up as she goes along.


  1. That's a cool phone! Like you I need to see things in a little larger print nowadays! Maybe you can put Kirra's tail to good use, like say.....dusting! LOL!

    1. Thank you, the phone is still great after all these years.

      Alas I have to do the dusting, whilst the Princess attends to her wee snooze lol