Saturday, 26 October 2013


Summer was a joy of outdoors and new smells from up here in the dales.

Alas, the winter predictions for our location are not looking too good, with snow and extremely low temperatures predicted from middle of November right through into January.  I don't know how reliable this prediction.  I just know that it will be an interesting experience. 

I have to drive to and from the hospital x 3 nights a week in order to undergo Dialysis, and the road has to be treated with respect, even in normal conditions, therefore driving in snow and ice will be a slow experience and knowing my Kirra is waiting for her daddy to return, does mean being careful and considerate when on the roads.


  1. Treacherous roads in the winter are all to familiar here in Nova Scotia. I did a 360 last February with Sophie in the back seat. It was 1.5 hours of waiting for someone to pull us out of the ditch and I know poor Sophie remembers this. So please we careful and drive ever so slowly.

    Ron and Sophie here !

    1. Thank you Ron and Sophie, I will. Look forward to seeing more photos of Nova Scotia.