Monday, 6 June 2011

Where do you blog?

Where in the home do you blog?
For me it is in the study and the view overlooks a colourful garden and the sights and sounds of birds enjoying each day.
Underneath my desk, is my Cavalier, who loves to be as close as she can to her master.


  1. Kirra you are a beauty! My computer desk like yours, overlooks my garden. My feet too are graced with two feathered, sleepy dogs!

  2. How wonderful to see our loving companions like to curl up under our desks and at the same time enjoy the scenic beauty of the gardens.

  3. Kirra looks so sweet!!

    Our mom has a desk in the kitchen so she usually helps us to edit our blog while doing housework or cooking. Under her desk is a cozy place to sleep. Being in the kitchen is good for all of us!

    Momo & Pinot