Friday, 15 March 2013

Trying to Understand


My lovely Kirra cannot understand why I must go out on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings alone.


I’m sure she is thinking, that I am seeing another dog.

Alas, my dialysis treatment is essential and the need to attend hospital x 3 nights a week – allows me the life and the joy of sharing with my Kirra – each new day.


  1. sweet, sweet pup. good luck with your treatments!

    thank you for stopping by my place and leaving a comment! really appreciate it!

  2. What a cute blog to have of your Kirra. She is adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am now following yours. Ana

  3. Happy belated birthday, beautiful Kirra!! You're very good girl to look after your daddy. Our paws have crossed for his health.

    Your friends,
    Momo and Pinot

  4. I have not dropped by in a long time. I hope your treatment is going well. Stay positive!, Kirra Happy Birthday!